Asian Heritage Wooden Magnetic Dress Up Dolls


This set includes 2 dolls, 11 tops, 11 bottoms, 10 accessories, and 6 pairs of shoes. Outfits represented include the kimono, ao dai, baro't saya, hanbok, chupa (Tibetan), xout lao, qipao, sampot, kebaya, sari, and Hmong.

Our first production run is sold out, and we are currently working on our second production run. Sign up for our waitlist below to be notified when our second production is available for purchase!

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Responses from Our Community

  • "THANK YOU FOR THESE. I loved the cultural representation and diversity. We need moreeee of these in our markets." -S.T.

  • "Gorgeous! I need these for my kids." - Stefanie T.

  • "This is so awesome! My childhood dream come true!" -Suzie Y.

  • "I have to say...I cried when I saw the Hmong. I didn't expect it because I've never seen it anywhere. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!" - Maya B.

  • "Would love these dolls for my girls! Representation makes a big difference, especially for little kids!" - Kelly N.

  • "Why am I crying??? I love these sooo much!! Thank you for this!!!" -Chris S.