Designed by a mom to showcase the richness and diversity of Asian culture

Our Asian Heritage dress up dolls are wooden magnetic and are made of environmentally friendly materials. We chose to use an environmentally friendly paint with a matted finish for a luxury look and feel. Each piece is also reinforced with a finishing coat to preserve it longer from wear and tear.

Our dolls are also made by the same factory that has big-name clients such as Disney, Fisher-Price, and Melissa and Doug.

The dolls' 11 tops and 11 bottoms are all separate, so children can create 121 different outfits! In addition, there are 10 pieces of accessories and 7 pairs of shoes to add to each outfit! The outfits represent over 10 countries and are a great way to teach about all the different cultures from Asia.

The dolls are 9.5 inches tall (without the stand), 5 inches wide, and 0.75 inch thick. The stand is about 1 in tall.

Outfits represented include the kimono, ao dai, baro't saya, hanbok, chupa (Tibetan), xout lao, qipao, chutthai, sampot, kebaya, sari, and Hmong.

Our dolls meet all CPC and CE requirements.

Our updated packaging helps keep the dolls and their clothing items secure during transit. The dolls are stacked on top of each other for a more environmentally friendly packaging solution and easier shipping.

The box measures 12.25 in x 9.75 in x 1.3 in